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July 26, 2009


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You and your family are lights in my life - your Mam sounds like so much fun and it's not hard to see where you all get your humor from :-)
My prayers are with you all in these trying times and keep smiling - love and healing thoughts and hugs from Utah!

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Angie, you did learn from the master! I'm still laughing....I read your post to my hubby, and he's still laughing.

Some of the things both you and Pam write about your family, have such a familiar ring to you've been observing one of my family's situations. I have three sisters, and we laugh, and have a wonderful time when we are together....which is often.

I love your humor, and I love your family stories......but most of all, I'm touched by the way your family loves and cares for one another.

My very best wishes for your Mother's, and Paul's speedy recovery.


I've just arrived via View to the Hill and guess what I'm staying at your lovely Ssiters and BILs cottage next week !!! You have a lovely blog and an even lovelier family. Good wishes to everyone
Twiggy x


I've just found you via View to the Hill. I'm staying at your sisters cottage next week!!!
You have a lovely blog and an even lovelier family. Good wishes to you all
twiggy x


Ha!ha! Too funny!


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