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January 14, 2009


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white o'morn cottage

Up the Dubs!
Well done Ed...Pam



Congrats to Ed!! That is wonderful!

Plastic willies. LOL!!
Your so funny :)



Wow! That's great! Congratulations to Ed!

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Hearty congrats to Ed.....and congrats to The Viking pub for scoring the right to display The Doyle Shield.


Hi Angie - I finally found you - YEAH! I was so tired last night my eyes hurt and I just could not find your blog. I finally sent an email to Pam and she said - "Her blog is right there on my sidebar". Today, after about 9 hours sleep and non-tired eyes - there you were - right there where Pam said you were.

You mentioned how people from different places are called certain names such as "Dub". Well, my Dad ws born and raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and that makes (made) him a "Yuper". :-D I grew up downstate in MI and that makes me a plain ol' Michigander :-D. My Dad's grandmother (paternal) was from Dublin. His paternal grandfather was from Scotland. They met after having moved to the UP and never left.

Gotta love the term "Plastic Willies". Kind of like people who knit or crochet with acrylic are using plastic yarn and tomatoes from the grocery store are plastic tomatoes cuz that's how they taste :(

I'll be back - I put both you and Pam in my "" bookmarks.

Lindy in wet, cold, overcast, rainy Arizona (it won't last:)

BTW - are you and/or Pam on Facebook?

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