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June 09, 2010


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Wow - I could not believe that was a harware store! Wonderful..and how fun - in an old church! Well, Jesus was a carpenter after all, so I guess it's pretty fitting.
The guys at the well look not too happy to have their photo taken - LOL! The whole area does look very peaceful..glad you tokk us along :-)


Enjoyed the tour!!
Glad Paul is doing well.


Love the pictures....They made me teary eyed. I just love it there!!!


the sewing room

Oh every thing is so lovely the hardware store is so great and they sell yankee candles ,my favourite and the well is such a treasure ,yes they should look after it a bit better,l would love to visit one day.

Have a nice week take care Pat

Kay Flynn

Hi Pam,
I love touring Ireland with you, because you always feature such wonderful places....things I would want to see if I were there. What a beautiful old church. I'm sure my DIY projects would be much more inspired, if I could buy my supplies from such a place.

I'm eager to see the vintage wedding dress you've recently purchased and displayed, and I should have guessed you were fond of old linens. See.....I knew we were "soul sistas."

Best Wishes,


I'm glad I came over I missed your lovely pics about the well. What a lovely spot - so tranquil.

And I just love the wildflowers in your cottage window, they looked 'just right' there.

I also came over to thank you for your comment on my last blog post - it was really appreciated!

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