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June 29, 2010


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There's no place like home...there's no place like home! Ahhh..beautiful!
And on my the free beer..tomorrow?? I'll be there :-)


what an interesting museum - I could poke around there for ages.

I like the free beer tomorrow sign. My mum used to say tomorrow never comes!
Bet they got loads of people waiting at the bar demanding free ale :-)

Your fence looks lovely. Bet it was a time consuming job painting all the ins and outs.


The fence of your cottage looks so lovely, especially with the gorgeous roses.

The museum looks very interesting - must have been so much fun having a good look round.

Hope the weekend goes well.


I'm so pleased you're enjoying the lovely weather in your lovely cottage. The museum looks interesting, I love the shop. Have a fab weekend.
Twiggy x


I Can't believe this..... BLOODY HELL & FECK! I thought you weren't blogging anymore because it had vanished from my blog!!!!!! Now I've stumbled upon it on google!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bugger me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

vintage values

Great piece of nostalgia, looks like a great day.

Deb xx


Hi Pam,

Is the an email address I could contact you at? I'd like to send you the press release for Vintage Ireland's Vintage Fashion & Decor Fair, this September 12th.


Ps. I love your milk churn in the garden.

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