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May 25, 2010


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I'm so glad you're back to posting! Love love love all these great photos and especially seeing your beautiful Mam enjoying the lake- soo peaceful!
The cook-out looks glorious- and I'll bet the food was too:-)
You know I do so appreciate your sharing your photos of Ireland and all the beauty there, including your criminal-minded sis trying to break in the schoolhouse! LOL
Have a great week and enjoy spring!


Yeah, you are back - missed you ;-)

You have been busy with your sewing. The views from the cottage are marvellous although I always laugh when I see gorse here, as it is such a pest in NZ and my Dad has spent years fighting it to get rid of it!


LOL I had to laugh about the donkeys and horse breaking into the garden. Did you manage to get them out OK?

What a talanted crafter you are creating such marvels from other bits and bobs. Maybe I should try to get hold of that book to give me some inspiration.

BTW I bet your garden isn't as weed infested as mine ;-)


Hi Pam, great to see your posts again. It has been a long lean winter, I am delighted to read that Paul finished his therapy and to see the photos of you all munching through the barbie, donkeys and all. Loved the old knitting patterns and the little church. I am going to the wise woman festival next weekend with my friend Anne Marie, I know now that you were in that neck of the woods last weekend and I worry that the area cant take two of us in such a short space of time...ha ha. Great to see your happy posts again. Hugs, Margie.

Marie Irwin

Hiya Pam,

Thanks for the gorgeous flowers. I'm refering everyone who compliments them to your shop.
Love them xxx


Hi you
I thought you'd gone AWOL. Your cottage looks fab, feel quite nostalgic :) Love the dress you made missus, very clever.
Have a lovely weekend.
twiggy x


I love the first picture just wonder what the dog is tied to ;-)

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