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May 28, 2010


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Pam you definitely captured the spirit of Dublin, where there is something for everyone. Great photos. Hugs, Margie.


Thanks for taking the time to post your brilliant photos and I deffo got a taste of Dublin.
We always intended on getting the ferry from Holyhead when we lived on Angelsey and having a trip over to Dublin but never got round to it. Now we have twenty million animals stopping us LOL.

So, thanks for showing what I'm missing. Its a really nice looking city.


I blimmin love Dublin. We caught an overnight ferry over to Ireland a few years back. It was during freshers week at University. We were just driving up the side of the Liffey very early in the morning and a gang of students in ball gowns and tuxedos appeared walking over one of the bridges, it was a magical sight.
Your auld dub is looking good :)
twiggy x


Dublin is such a wonderful city!!! I loved your pictures and it was great to see your handsome son and Paul looking so well. :)

I wish I was there with you all!

with love, kimme


Thank you for the Dublin tour and bringing back memories of a break I had there with my daughter some years ago. We stayed in a B&B not unlike the one in your photo.

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Everything looks so much nicer now! Thanks again

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