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April 30, 2010


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Fantastic news Pam! Does he have to take thyroid medication?

I had good news about my Dad the other weekend as well. It seems that the hormone treatment (had prostate op 3 years ago, then radiotherapy last year) is starting to work as his last PSA levels were untraceable so that is really encouraging. Has to continue with medication for a while, but lesser dose.

Josie Penney

that's great news!
Josie x

sweet cottage dreams

Pam, I am so happy for you both. Having the treatments can sure pack a punch. Paul, congrats!!!!

Looks like a fun time with Miss Kimme! What a cute bunch of gals!



Hi Pam,
This is my first visit to your blog. Such great, happy news for Paul, and there are so many pretty smiles in your group of friends!
Love the baby items you've made - each and every one is so very precious.

Happy May 1st!


Well Paul Flynn , ye man ye!!! it is just wonderful , never has me flabber been gasted so much!!!i feel like break dancing [ but am afraid i might break somthing]i knew ye could do it , love yiz loads , get well soon, love your very own cheerleader Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hooray for Paul !!! glad all that is behind you, now all of you start planning your future and look after each other.
Your night out looks great fun, glad you enjoyed yourselves. Some fab crafting too missus, well done you !!
love and a big kiss for Paul, oh and a big kiss for Pam from Twiglet !!!
Twiggy x


Great news for your hubby. A word of warning though tell him to take things easy for a bit as sometimes that treatment can catch up to you in a few weeks time.
But NO MORE!!! I bet you are both so very very glad.

Lovely to see your photos of Kimme and what brilliant little baby shoes you made. So sweet!

Tell Angie I think the doll she is thinking of with freckles is Sindy's little sister Patch? I can't remember Pippa having freckles but then she did have a group of friends which I never had as a kid.
I'll certainly look out for one at the boot sales... but remember first one is for me! LOL.

Marie Irwin

Great News, can't wait to see ye both, Didn't want to head up with Steve havin a cold. Big hugs to both of ye xxx Lovin the red hatter pics. Big hugs Marie.


That is such wonderful news about Paul!! Hugs to you both!

Lovely baby shoes and dresses. They look like they could have come out of a trendy baby store!! Great job!

I had a wonderful night out with you all. It was so much fun that I can't wait to come out and visit again! lol! :)
We are some good lookin rock chics, aren't we!!! LOL!!



Wonderful news all around! You are blessed.

And those baby shoes are adorable.

Lisa xo


Fantastic news about Paul.
I'm so glad Kimme enjoyed her holiday, I would have loved to meet her. I can't get to read her blog lately.


Welcome back Pam! you have been busy i see - making things and taking care of that handsome husband....well done paul. well done!...summer is on its way!!!...loving you both from the sunny california coast, mimi p.s. hubby philip and i are checking ticket prices for erin every week!...a little girl grandchild would be nice huh? haha. i'm a bad wicked mum! :)

kate Murphy

such good news for you both! life can have its' tough moments and then the sun shines and the rainbow appears and all is well.

I love "visiting" white o morn and hearing all the news it is both encouraging and uplifting and many times brings an outright chuckle to my lips.

thank you for sharing your life.....

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