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February 12, 2010


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What adorable teddys! And, it may be easy for YOU but I am "crochet impared"!

The book looks life fun - love the images :-)

Happy Valentine's Day to you & the incredible Paul !


Please do a tutorial for those teddies! They are so lovely. My favourite tin is the copperish one, they are all nice though....xxx


What lovely stuff, I can't crochet for toffee!! I'm left handed and my Mum has tried to teach me SOOOOO many times, to no avail.
I love the teddies. Have a very lovely Valentines with your Valentine.
Twiggy x


Thanks for that! I am going to make some tonight....Hows hubby now? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

pam flynn

Hi Tracey. I cant wait to see your teddies. Paul is fine now. One more treatment in early March then a scan. Fingers crossed it finds nothing. Happy Vals day. Cheers Pam

To: [email protected]

Kay Flynn

Oh my goodness, the teddies are the cutest.

I'm mad for boxes as well, especially the tin ones. Just can't resist them. You have some beauties.

Hope you and your valentine had a lovely day.



I love the teddies, so cute.


Love the teddies,cant wait to get crafting again, oh if only i had time!!!!

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