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February 26, 2010


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You crack me up! You're a breath of fresh Irish air....my email [email protected]
Glad you're back! XXXXXXXXX


You made me laugh out loud, get you boys procreating now !!! Have a great weekend.
Twiggy x

paula miotello

Hi hun ...not been here or and blog in a while as I am busy with commisions, which is always good..
Love your makes esp the 3 leaf clover, just gawjus
Oh found this for you


Enjoy xxxxxxxxx


Love the shoes and hat! Your are too funny about the grandchildren. We were just talking to daughter about that the other day. We had her promise to provide grandbabies for us... I think I better get that in writing :)

I am off to watch the youtube video you posted... I will grab the kleenex first.


Kay Flynn

Hi Pam, I love the leprechaun shoes and tiny hat. You are ever so talented.

I did watch/listen to the recording. I think it took a lot of courage for Gilbert to state his convictions. The song was very poignant. I'm not a crier either but I can tell you that for weeks after said event.....I could only speak of the people who lost their lives through a broken voice and flowing tears. We were an entire nation of shocked, horrified mourners. I think Mr. Sullivan's song describes the outrage perfectly.

Best Wishes,

Mimi Brooks

pam pam pam...i've been awol myself this past month...so glad to hear you are back as well...we so have to catch up!.

you are too funny about the boys...that made me laugh so hard...thanks, i needed a good laugh.

i have not blogged since last year but promise to catch up this week...come on over to my facebook to catch up. miss ya, my irish friend. love and kisses, mimi

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