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January 05, 2010


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Happy New Year Pam. Some lovely stuff here. I think Willas rule is great. Your boudoir corsage is very glam. I think my crafting mojo has come to your house as all I want to do is lie under blankets and eat choccy :) must be the snow!!
Hope 2010 will be fab for you and your family.
Twiggy & family xxx


thank you for your support pam!...i write to alleviate my own boredom and i hope by doing so, i don't bore others in the process!!...happy new year to you and your family...i'm also looking forward to 2010..(oh, and erin is single now these past 3 months! yippee!...i'm still trying to sneak a hint to her that we need a trip to ireland to set things right with her!)..xoxo mimi


That is a lovely gift for your nephew. Wishing you both a healthier new year than last...xxx


Oh, I really like your neck warmer! so cozy looking!

And the shadow box you made of your dad's ruler
is wonderful. What a great idea for a memory box
of him. I bet your nephew will get much joy from it.

You are so talented!!!



hello again pam...just wanted you to know your link only goes to my comment page, not my main home page of the blog...try using this link...i may have missent...


thanks for your loyalty and friendship!


Happy New Year Pam, may it bring many good things! I love your makes.

Hope your nephew has a really lovely wedding, the gift is very special.


Oh that neck warmer is really yummy & can come in handy on those cold morning here in Utah! THe pins are darling as are all of your handiworks - have a great 2010 - it WILL be better :-)


You look like you had a lovely Christmas! All those gorgeous homemade things - how fantastic. And you've made me want that book now too. I could easily become addicted to fabric books! Just love love love your sister's placemats.
What a creative family!
x x x


Hi Pam
Happy New Year to you.
Love the craft items. You always manage to produce so much.
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow in Avoca. I love it there. Hope the weather is kind.

pam flynn

Thanks for that Stella, I have had lots of time to craft over the Christmas. I hope you and yours have a fabulous new year. Best wishes...Pam

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kate Murphy

wanted to say how brilliant your web site is, from the pictures and comments with them, to the comments sent by bloggin' friends. when I feel the need to "get away" I come to white o' morn and it helps me to forget all problems and stress. you inspire me with your crafting and encourage me with your strength to keep on going no matter what. today i was in need of a little "getaway" and I was looking WAYYYYY back in your archives and came across your story and picture of the bat ! I laughed until I cried ! thank you Pam, I am glad your hubby Paul is doing well I have prayed for both of you. and I pray that 2010 will be a most delicious year for all!
(p.s. I am also a fae and frog fanatic, as well as a crafter)
kate in california

pam flynn

What a lovely comment. Thanks so much, you have made my day! I am at the wedding today and will be snapping some pics of it for blog. I love to hear from people who read the blog. Lots more to come. Cheers from Ireland! Happy New Year to you and yours...Pam

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