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December 27, 2009


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Glad you had such a lovely day. Hope your head is feeling better now ;-)


What a lovely photograph of the both of you. You look so demur & proper! Naturally, I know that you're not!!! Can't wait for more pictures...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Love all the wonderful photos. Eveyone looks really good. I am so glad you had a great Christmas. You all deserve it. I am still out here in Texas & New Mexico.... can't wait to get home and see what ya sent me. Hehe! :)

big hugs, kimme


Glad you had a lovely day, I can sympathise with the head. I have a cold and erm alcohol related headache today :)
Twiggy x


What lovely photos, I love the scarf.
The weather is so bad here that no one has been able to go anywhere. It's like an ice rink outside.


Hey you certainly have added a few photos! I saw your sewing box and tried to get DH to buy it for me, but he wouldn't - LOL - just as well he didn't as I ended up getting something similar anyway. I really love the handmade gifts you got they are really superb.

As for Pauls scarf - it will certainly keep him warm...Dr Who, eat your heart out!


Your tree is wonderful as are all of your great gifts- but the best gift of all is the darling photo of you & Paul! Merry Merry Season and have a safe New Year's..


Hi Pam, wow what a set of photos...we are most impressed with the 12ft scarf and totally agree that you needed to overdo the vino just to celebrate,...(the we is mel, leiny, and I). Your gifts looks amazing and I do so love the Sew books, I bought one at the Knitting and Stitching show. Love the tree, the cards over the fireplace and the dinner table. Big Hugs and all the best for 2010. hugs, Margie.


lovely photo's, glad you had a good christmas!
Josie x


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