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December 03, 2009


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aww, lovely tribute.

the book looks interesting, can't wait to see what you're going to make!
Josie x


What a lovely tribute to the doggies.....is there no end to your talents?!
I would love that book! XXX


Oh, they were such good pups for you! I know how your heart breaks when you think if them..I'm so sorry.

What a good friend Kimmie is to all- have a very happy Christmas season!


Lovely poem, gorgeous doggies. My auntie used to have a lovely Yorkshire Terrier called Spanky (named after my Dads best mate when he was little :)
Great gifts from Kimme. Hope you're getting Christmas excited, we are!!!
Twiggy x


I loved your poem.. dogs are treasures and they
steal our hearts. I know you must miss her.

I am so glad you liked the gifts. I was hoping you
would enjoy them :).


Kathleen Solomi

Thankyou for visiting my blog , I,ve just scrolled down and read yours, it,s great . I also crotchet flowers and this week I made denim flowers from a pair of Jeans . cut 4 circles varing the size, snip into the middle all round (not quite into the middle) layer them up and put a button in the centre . I turned 2 of the circles over to get a variation in the colour. add a bvrooch pin on the back.
Please keep in touch--cottonreel


Such a lovely tribute.


Lucky you getting that Japanese craft book as a gift - look forward to seeing what you make. So sorry to hear about your loss of Pretty, it's always so horrible when a beloved pet leaves us.


I've got that book - and funnily enough those two things you mention are the exact two things I made!
I find the pattern instructions extremely hard to understand though; but I just love the messy style and look. Very inspirational, have fun - post 'em when you've finished so we can see
x x x

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