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December 16, 2009


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awww - that's a lovely gesture, it's nice to know the christmas spirit is still alive and well...

Josie x


what a precious gift. i know how much you must miss your puppy. my heart goes out to you.


That was such a sweet thing to do! It's so cute. Happy Christmas to you & your family...with love


Aww isn't that lovely. I think you get back the love you give out missus, so it's well deserved. Have a lovely Christmas.
Twiggy x


Bless him, how kind. Yes, you are right - that is the sort of thing that restores you to life isn't it.
Maybe he's a Christmas angel, what do you think?!
x x x

the sewing room

I think he is a christmas angel also, what a thoughtful young man to feel your heartache and try to make it better, have a lovelt christmas.



Oh, I am so sorry for you loss. What a loving, kind thing to do for you. God sends us angels when we least expect them.
Capers of the Vintage Vixens


What a lovely thoughtful young man and a very special gift.

{{hugs}} Lorraine


I'm sitting here at work with tears in my eyes..what a wonderful thing for him to do and a wonderful gift you gave to us with this story! Thank you, thank Stephen Brady and thank God for Pretty, both 1 and 2 :-)


I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss and hope your pain eases alittle each day...you say you had a soft spot for Stephen well the feeling was obviously mutual...and it must be so nice for him to know he has helped you during your loss and lovely for you t know that he wanted to....take care hun...God bless xxxxx

Marilyn in NM

What a wonderful gift. I'm so sorry you lost your little Pretty. What a nice gentle reminder of someone that meant so much to you.
Marilyn in NM

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