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November 26, 2009


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For all my love of 'junk'. do you know I don't actually collect anything in particular! Anything & everything catches my eye though. Finding that tin is button heaven...it's fantastic! XXX


Blimey you have been busy. Some lovely makes there lady. I too have a button obsession, I just like to open my big Quality Street tin and mess about with them!!
Hope you're all well.
Twiggy x


I like the tote bags, lovely fabric and I know what you mean about boxes! The buttons look great especially in the glasses
Josie x


Well I was nearly sick with jealousy at those buttons you, you, you good-for-nothing lucky pigeon you! But seriously. That's button porn. Love the bags, how generous of you giving them away on freecycle. No wonder they were snapped up!


yes I will recycle pretty packaging to make a simple present quite special.

I took a tip from you & turned three lemonade bottles with ceramic stoppers into pretty bubble bath presents

I have my mum's button tin - filled with treasures !


Oh so pretty and wonderful!! All the things i love.... buttons, lace, cups, boxes. :)



I love finding surprises in old tins. I once found a tartan tin with a wonderful graphic on top and it was filled with old mother of pearl buttons. It was such a bonus!! I also like to put buttons in jars. They look so wonderful and simple and elegant at the same time that way.


Hmm, me button obsession, no never ;-) oops, that was rather a white lie!

Lovely makes Pam, you have been a busy bee. Fantastic find those buttons.


It sounds like you've been very busy. Lots of lovely things.


I came here via a google link about cake stands, but found buttons and tins and all kinds of lovely things! I'm subscribing to your feed.


Oooo, pretty things everywhere! Love your blue scarf -- especially love it with the red beret -- something so charming about blue and red together, isn't there?

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