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November 05, 2009


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Great recycling Pam, and when I think of the amount of those bottles I have put in the recycling bin....oops...I mean I enjoy that wine occasionally...ha ha....Love the red hat and the pins. hugs, Margie.


Fantastic pretties Pam! Love the hat...XXX


That's so lovely - i might do some bath niceys for Christmas Pressies too this year - you've inspired me!
x x x


lovely hat pins.

Now that bubble bottle is just gorgeous. You have inspired me. Damn I think some perfect bottles have gone to recycling - Pink Cava my daughter & friends had before their " Fresher's party "

Lace hearts

Pam that's absolutely fantastic. That's a really wonderful idea for a Christmas pressie, and really special. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I'm forever keeping pretty bottles but not knowing what to do with them.


YIPEE ! found the bottles - though not as pretty as yours.

What bubble bath do you use ?

I think you have started a craze !

I made bath salts the Blue Peter way when I was young ( soda crystals ) I put WAY too much pefrume in ( mum gave me some she had a lot of & didn't like ) Then I coloured them with purple food dye - like it said to do !!!!

I gave bottles to all the aunts for Christmas and......

It dyed my Auntie Viv's rather large bottom purple !!!!


Lovely pins! I have been keeping an eye out for
special ones for you plus any fab tins I come across.
Nothing yet to report, but hopefully I will strike Gold
soon :)

The bubble bath looks inviting. I love what you did with
the bottle.

hugs ~kimme


Oh, I love it! I too am easily distracted by all things shiny~~


Beautiful repurpose for the bottle!!

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