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October 12, 2009


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Nothing like a trip down memory lane. I really think people don't grow into their looks until their 30s. Mr Twigs makes me mad he gets better looking as he gets older and I get more wrinkly. Or perhaps my eyesight is getting worse :)
Twiggy x


That was funnier than your emails!!!!!!! You hippie you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Angel Mc

i loved the hippie pictures. i missed the hippie era, i was more of a child of the 70s disco era...but my SIL bought me a hippie purse that i had when i was 13 and for the last 5 years i have been on a quest to find a replica...
i really enjoyed this post...made me smile.


Groovy Pam, Groovy!! LOL!

You all look great then and now... I love the clothes from the
70's. Bell bottom jeans, great hats, fun colors.

What is a busker?


Lace hearts

Pam, what a brilliant post. You really have put a smile on my face. What a gorgeous looking bunch of people. Thanks for that.


those pictures are SERIOUSLY COOL ! thx for visiting my blog - your comment had a shared sense of humour as mine ( though my teens are telling me STOP. MUM.)

I have Claudia Shiffer's body. She is my body double - she goes to tiresome parties for me and out to dinner for me when I can't find a thing to wear & want to wash my hair. xx


Wonderful memories and interesting to see how people change - often for the better. Hmmm I wonder if I have? LOL

wow WOW

WOW i remember thoes photos!! very sonny and cher, yer still georgous the pair of ye,I cant stop singing "I got you babe" Love Angie xxx


Great photos :-)


Oh. My. Heck! Those are too funny! I didn't know Paul was in a band?! And you - you wild thing..what a great memory for you and your kids ...and yes, what's a "busker"?


Oh Pam, great photos and memories, indeed both yourself and Paul still seem to have the glint of devilment in your eyes. I am hosting a giveaway do drop by. Hugs, Margie.


Hey Pam, you are so generous! I have an award for you if you wanna come & get it...XXX

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