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October 06, 2009


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Theres no wonder you're excited.....that's fantastic! I wouldn't be able to see the crochet hook let alone use it!!! xxxxxxxx

angie lee

Now Pam , are ye ever goin to mend yer hose??? in fact have ye got a hose??? life is to short i,ll buy ye a new hose ![if ye ever want one, or will ever use one] haha that what your getting for christmas from me, a hose with not a hole in sight lol love you Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Now that is one fabby ebay bargain!! I'd ahve bought it for the tin too but all those notions are brilliant and I bet it was like christmas going through it all.


Oh Pam, you have got yourself a wondeful box of treasures there!

I won a lovely sewing box on ebay once, which was full of lovely treasures - only problem was it never arrived as the seller sent it to the wrong person and he refused to resend it on :-(

Love the video - sent the link to hubby!


My giddy aunt, what an astonishing box of stuff. Were you actually hyperventilating?! You beat me - you win the Highest Number of Exclamation Marks in a blog post this week, and I thought my latest was full of 'em!
I'm quite jealous of that box, don't you know.
x x x


It really IS a magic box of goodies!!!! I love every bit of it. And your description of a gorilla swinging you around in circles made me laugh out loud. I love visiting your blog. x


Thanks for the visit at my blog! I am having fun getting to know your blog. I like how you write!! I too get a real tickle out of vintage sewing notions, especially wooden spools and fun brand names and such! I love the bikes in one of your previous posts.


Look at all those goodies!!! Love the blue mushroom. I never
did find one, btw. I will mark that off my list.... I am still on the
hunt for the tins and pins :)

I am green with envy over all those great treasures :)



Oh No ...now I've found your Blog I'm going to get even less done. I'm not a sewer but trying to be crafty ...those things are GR8 & I like how you've displayed therm.


Sheeeesh thats a brilliant haul of goodies...I swear those crochet hooks are identical to what is in my home highlight kits....really I kid you not...will have to take a piccie for you....loved the vid have put it on my Facebook page xxx

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