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October 03, 2009


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welll on all the knitting and your version of twiggy's brooch, and I like the knitting bag you've made, very colouful, now you've finished them you'll have time to make the raggy quilt! - I got the pattern from
http://www.sewingworld.co.uk/McCalls_Crafts.html - pattern no M4941
Josie x


You are so feckin clever, crochet, neat sewing and knit SOCKS! Is there no end to your talents?!
Love from, one night owl to another....XXX


Well done, the socks look great.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

OH MY GOODNESS! The sweater you knitted is absolutely gorgeous. I adore the fried egg button. :) You are truly talented.
Your blog is lovely and I can't wait to read further posts.


Hi. Just thought I would say thank you very much for your great comment on my blog.

love Amy (bubble) xxx


Wonder woman or what!!!!is there no end to your talents, obviously not ...just make the rest of us normal beings feel inadequate why don't you!....
Seriously your knitting sewing crochet etc is beautiful....wish I had the need for a knitting bag its just gorge and the scarf oh and the cardy oh and I mustn't forget the lush warm as toast sox.....STOP WOMAN ....chill and have a cuppa ...mwah xx

Angel Mc

i keep trying to post comments to your blog, but typepad is mad at me. here goes again.
i love the socks...i wish i could kanit.
i wish i could reach through this computer and get my hands on that little donkey and just squeeze him or her.
and i love the other animals as well. it' a good think i'm a zillion miles away, 'cause i would come over to your neighborhood, find shadow and steal her. she and cici and gingin would be great friends.


Wow! What can I say?! You have been very busy. The socks are fabulous - never tried socks yet, but maybe oneday. The cardi is lovely, and scarf - I do love scarves - never go without one in winter, wouldn't mind a copy of that pattern ;-)

The extra deep pocket on the knitting bag is perfect for the knitting needles - fab idea.

I remember reading about your Dad last year - very difficult time of the year for you I would imagine.
I've haven't had a Christmas like that but have had some fairly dreadful ones where I have ended up in hospital having major surgery! Yuk, could do without that nonsense. Never mind wondering where on earth to stick the tree!


Hi, i have an award for you on my blog

Bubble xxxx


Wow!!! You had done some fantastic knitting, the socks look great! I am new to knitting, and I am having fun, not quite sock level yet tho... Cant wait to see what else you knitt up..

Priscilla x


Oh wow! Your socks and sweater turned out great!!! I really like the style of the sweater. It would look wonderful with a darker long sleeve shirt underneath.... Everything is lovely. :)

I did my best not to peek and had hubby scroll down the page so I could leave a comment. I am so excited! I can't wait to see what wonderful treasure you have made for me. ... I love surprises!!


angie lee

Ah yes thats my sister, multi talented,an all round entertainer gooooooo girlllll ] love you Angiexxxxxxxx


Hi Pam, Your work is fantastic, love the socks and the brooches, but the bag is definitely the best of all, you are a natural, it is stylish, elegant and so well finished. I have never gone on ebay, and with no computer at the moment, I am finding creative ways to get on line and visit my fav blogs. Hugs, Margie.


Opps!! I forgot to show you my socks!!! I gave them away to
the school teachers and forgot to take a photo. I guess I will have to knit some more to show off. LOL!!


Microsoft Office

Voila, I can now use 2007 as if it was 2002,

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