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October 25, 2009


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Need more information NOW! It's a lovely photograph.....


You are like a good dose of feel good medicine! Thanks for your kind witty supportive comments, I really appreciate it.XXXXXXXXX

Tina Ruse

Life is the bitter with the sweet.May you both enjoy many years of sweet now that you have come through the bitter.I love the photo of your parents hands.Does not make me sad,makes me hopeful that I can love that long and well.Thank you for sharing this with us.



Both my in laws have had some form of throat cancer & made full recovery.


Flynner is doing really well thank God. He near gave me a heart attack when he started to sing at Nanas birthday, [he is not supposed to sing yet!!!!!] And as for mam and dad , it just goes to show you life goes on, she said to me the other night while looking around at all her family " look what me and yer da started!"


What a lovely but very sad post....sniff.
Hope you are having a wonderful time at the cottage......Tracey xxx


A very poignant post - glad to hear the good news. Are they staples Paul had? If so I've got a similar photo of me in my twenties showing off some staples when I had my spleen removed - LOL - talk about glamourous!


Lovely post poppet and he still looks fab. My darling Dad had a heart bypass years ago (it gave him an extra 10 years before he left us, which was a great time for us all and my Mum and Dad packed 30 years of living into that 10 years) and he had a whopping scar up the front of his chest he used to call it his zipper. Battle scars to be proud of I think, on a pair of very brave men.
twiggy x

Kay Flynn

You have had a very difficult year......and yet, your positive attitude and sense of humor shine like the sun. Your "love of" and "loyalty to" your family is evident in everything you write. It's obvious that you value each day with Paul. So glad that things are going well. You are A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE.

Best Wishes,


Thank is such a sad post. Your poor dad and poor Paul.
I'm so glad Paul is on the mend.
Take care of yourselves xx

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