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October 30, 2009


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Angel Mc



Fascinating!!!! How old are you?
My 5 are....
I used to teach line dancing!
I have a 102" waist...LOL
I got scared driving for a few years, but have started again now.
I'm daft as a brush...I take after my mam.
I'm 47, been married for 30 years next month to Paul who is bi polar and at 50 has had two heart attacks! I also have no claim to fame....unfortunately.
Love your list!


he he

I have a 38 E bust ...where did THAT come from ? I used to be a nice neat 34 B

I wasn't arrested but I ran around the Golan Heights with Israeli soldiers...

I can't drive but it drives everyone else mad that I can't drive...

Great Granny was a teacher and mum ..so it skips a generation therefore watch out Darlin' Daughter !

I want to learn to Salsa. I did Scottish dancing, Tap & ballet aged five but left because I wouldn't hold hands with the other kidz


Well what could I possibly add to this?!


Pam, your are as mad as a hatter. But I think you are fabulous. Thanks for the facts, I had to read them twice. Happy Halloween, hope you are enjoying the fun. We are wrecked after a day at the Knitting and Stitching show, penniless but happy. Hugs, Margie.


What a great list!
Now my 5....hmm:

I used to be quite good at Old time and modern sequence dancing.
I got accepted into the RAF and chickened out at the last minute.
I would like to have a farm or an animal sanctuary.
I'm interested in the paranormal and have had a few experiences.
I haven't seen my brother in 14 years.


Ha ha! Loved the 22" waist - I used to have a 23" waist which I cannot believe - I mean, that's teeny isn't it?! Ok, my five:
I can make a woodblock noise with my tongue
I have Brian Cant's autograph
I had a letter published in Just 17 magazine.
My first kiss was from a frenchman, but I wasn't arrested
The worst thing I ever did as a teenager was bunk off two oboe lessons, and I still feel guilty!


Hi Pam, I have an award for you...xxx


Pam's older sis Teeda here.

1. I was once bitten in Transylvania by a Romanian. Seriously! He was pickled drunk and thought it was romantic to bite my hand. Feckin' eejit.
2. I once rode a mechanical bull at a rodeo (well, kinda - I was thrown after 5 seconds). Feckin' eejit.
3. I also work at a job where I should have a degree, but don't. Like my sis, I could do it thru work, but come on - there are just too many interesting kinds of trouble to get into.
4. I weigh the same today as the day I got married (125 lbs). Don't be jealous - the weight has arbitrarily migrated to the "midlands", so I'm now ?? sizes bigger than back then. I'll have a chest like a proud pigeon soon.
5. I sat my first university exam on my 50th birthday. Lost my glasses on the way, had to stand back 5 feet from the computer monitor, bobbing and weaving till the words came into focus. Feckin' eejit.

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