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October 18, 2009


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Oh I love anything that triggers off a memory whether it be a piece of music , a photo or a possesion and I have many around our home alot of them were things that were my mothers, so there of course is the memories of how she came about them too usually from her siblings, she was one of 12 or from a trip to Leicesters huge market ...I still miss her so even after 19 yrs, but its lovely to have so much of her around me xxx Love that photo xx


Hi Pam, your sewing machine is fantastic and the story of how you came to have it is wonderful. I love to be surrounded by items with stories, my home is an eclectic mix of items. The fact that you modeled the cottage on the movie is priceless. I loved this post, relishing the memories you shared. Hugs, Margie.

wow WOW

Great post , looking forward to mams birthday , we will have great craic xxx


Eh who is wow???????


Lovely things Pam. Hope you have a fantastic time with your family at your mams party...XXX


aw lovely memories . I have too much stuff but it's all so important !


Right. I'm off to walk around my house taking notice of things! I'm usually in such a rush I forget to do it. Right now I'm looking at a dirty mug, some cartridges I must recycle and a revolting plastic pink tiara...
Not quite what we're aiming at in here!
It's a lovely picture you have there of the sewing machine - looks like something from an interiors magazine!
Love the frog lamp
x x x


Aww what a lovely explanation of of your photograph. So many memories all wrapped up into a small space.


I think you should have a tv programme sharing all your tips about where to find treasures and what to look for.


What a wonderful post! Not only that you took the time to fully appreciate the givers, but that you hold such great and warm thought. Top that off with sharing this with us and I must say it's one of the best posts I've read :-) Thank you for noticing the so-called "little things" and making them BIG memories..

Angel Mc

To me a sewing machine is symbol of a mother's love. When I was growing up, my mother made all of my clothes. I have a sewing machine on my charm bracelet.....

Microsoft Office

Voila, I can now use 2007 as if it was 2002,

Allan Willcox

How’s your son? Jamie must be happy. I guess he didn’t just have the chance to explore your new place, that’s why he didn’t want it at first. That’s normal, I think. Btw, what he did with those pipes is great! How long has he been working as a plumber?

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