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September 15, 2009


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That was so funny, especially the feckin deaf dog! My mam is hooked on your blog also now, (she's a reader not a blogger) herself is married to an Irish man.


You are good Pam! What a lovely entertaining tour.

Oh and Alexander's hair is very much like sheeps wool - whether you could knit it though?! That is another question - if ever I cut it off I'll send it right on over to you :-D


Oh, I love that cottage! You had me dreamin' again about one of
my own. Your pictures make me want to hope on a plane and head on over there again... Oh how I love Ireland :)



Oh your posts do make me giggle, thet are truely uplifting and I always go aay happier than when I came, thank you hun thats a rare gift
Btw I have a giveaway on my blog if you would like to join in
Much love to you and yours xxx


What wonderful pictures...really gives me a feel for the country! As for whispering to that mangy dog? I'm glad you didn't bother trying...he looks like he's not listening!


Oh I so much love to tour Ireland with you & Paul! And even ol' mangy-deaf-fecken-dogs!

Your photos are really great - are you studying photography? Really, these are lovely. Thanks again, and I must say, you're got the best Irish wit around :-)
Oh, and I love that there's a Main Street that you photographed again!

PS - love the hair....


Hmm looks familiar and lovely, we visited Fenagh and bought Twiglet an icecream!!
That fecker of a dog , ooo you are funny!
Twiggy x


Thanks for the chance to see where my great great grandad-Thomas McGrail, was born in 1835. It looks exceedingly beautiful!

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