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September 23, 2009


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hope all goes well...
Josie & family x


Thinking about you & Paul, wishing him well.
Tracey XXX

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Sending my very best wishes to your Paul. I know you are looking forward to his homecoming. Tip a glass for me.



Sending oodles of love and healing thoughts..and maybe a pint of the good stuff? Get home quickly Paul. They miss you terribly :-)


Bless him. Sending big hugs over the sea from the Twiggys.

Marilyn in NM

Thinking of you & Paul. Hugs & prayers,
Marilyn in NM


Hope everything goes well for Paul and that this last lot of treatment does the trick.
Thinking of you both.

pam flynn

Thank you so much Stella. Much appreciated...Pam

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Hope everything goes well for Paul and that this last lot of treatment does the trick. Thinking of you both.

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Defiantly my thoughts and prayers are with Paul.
Feel better and get home soon.
love & hugs~kimme


pam, i am sending love, kisses, hugs, and prayers all the way across the atlantic ocean to paul....i will be raising a pint tonight to toast your wonderful man....hang in there friend...he'll be home in no time!...love, your green eyed lass from thousand oaks, california...mimi


Hope all goes well, thinking of you both. {{hugs}} Lorraine

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