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September 25, 2009


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Even with this serious message you two are born comedians!!! All the luck in the world to you both...
With love Tracey xxx


Right back at ya you fine pair of Flynners!!
Twiggy & Co xxx


Lovely post. Thank you Paul.
I'll raise a glass of the black stuff tonight and think of you both.


Great to hear from you - best approach - enjoy each and every day rain or shine!


Aye, but 'tis a soft rain!
I am sooooo glad to heat this news! All of Utah (well, at least in my house) are doing the "Happy Dance" for you!

And yes, as one who has come to the "nevermore" part of my journey ('cos I will not let the big "C" get the best of me)I can say I am thankful for every moment of this sweet life..

And for those still in the trows..let me say this..they're MANY ways to beat cancer..while some may not "survive" cancer- it did not beat them down- it did not take their spirit or their beauty..it did NOT win...

angie lee

My darlin Paul and Pam, We are all soooooo happy to know that you are on the road to health again, have to say i never did even comprehend that you would not get better!!!!!!!!!!!,you really are such a special pair , and there is nothing we would not do for you, so wipe your nose and mind the buses! and heres to MANY MANY more years of craic your loving sister Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jessica Daisy Lee

WWWWWOOOOOOO HHHHHOOOOOO! Im goin to be very public and say these are my FAVOURITE Auntie and Muncle (and just for the people that dont know... I didnt make a mistake there, when i was younger and Pam and Paul would come over to the house i would get sooo excited to see & hug My uncle paul I would throw my words together and it came out Muncle paul and i still call him that to this day!) lots of love!!! Jes xxx


That's really wonderful news Paul. Take care of yourself and of course Pam.

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