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August 14, 2009


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I was admiring that roof and as I saw the whole photo I'm thinking - that looks vaguely familiar! Of course! traveling throught to Portmarnock I would know it wouldn't I?
Yes it's a fantastic piece of craftsmanship! Oh to have the cash :)


Theres a cottage near me with a lovely thatched roof. I keep wanting to take a photo of it but the dh says the owners will probably come out and shout at me! LOL.

Those LA cushions are beautiful. A great find.
I saw a pair of LA cushions in a CS when I was on a day out and never picked them up- now I'm kicking myself.


Wow Look at you! Your knitting a sock! It really looks good too. :) I am also on the heel.... on a different sock. I had to put the blue ones aside and start knitting a pair of burgundy as a gift for my daughter's favorite school teacher....

The thatch roof is gorgeous! Oh how I love thatch roofs!
I still dream of a cottage of my own day :)

I am so glad you like the pillowslip. Next month when I go out to the big flea market I will keep an eye out for a few more for you and flynners. Maybe one day you can come out with me.... wouldn't that be fun! :)



Love the dream roof, it's so cute.
Good luck with the sock.

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