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August 05, 2009


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Your baskets are delightful! Whether a gift or self-purchased, you have an eye for beauty! And, good on your lovely son, Chris...how very thoughtful of him!


I love the baskets and the trunk, and of course you need them! I saw a lovely trunk today, but the shop lady was nowhere to be seen. I hovered for ages...but then left. It was probably expensive as it was the nicest I'd seen in a very long time.


I only found your blog a couple of days through Twiggy Peasticks, but we're obviously likeminded... I too have an obsession with boxes and baskets.
Mine is mainly boxes, in fact I've been banned by the other half from buying any more wooden boxes until I've filled the ones I've got... they are full, but I'm still trying to curb the box buying to make him happy... he hasn't seemed to realize yet that I buy useful plastic boxes now instead.
I don't have quite as many baskets as you, but I've a 2 year old and she just empties baskets so it's more for me to tidy up.

I think my favourite 2 from your collection are your project box, and the last big trunk.

Looking forward to reading more of your lovely blog.


what a nice surprise from your son.
the vintage sewing basket is just lovely and I'm the same, I love boxes and decorative suitcaces, I've just bought some on ebay,they should be arriving in the next few days.
Josie x

Angel Mc

a sweet gift from a sweet son. love the collection of baskets. have you ever heard of longaberger baskets? i have a small collection of them, but the price of them had just gotten outrageous and i quit buying them.


Love your collection of baskets...they are great :)


I love your basket collection!! And all that yarn
made me swoon! LOl! I am so glad you like the
basket I sent you :)


Tanya aka Chyna

I think I got a longaberger basket at a garage sale and was so pleased with myself. Now I'm bummed because sometime in our mountainman rendezvous loads the rim got cracked. It is the best basket in the universe for carting projects around. :(

Sure I have loads more around the household but this one was the best. Back to the garbage sales. :) Oh and dear Pam, I have a large collection of trunks too. Tell me that doesn't take up room. LOL

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