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July 26, 2009


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Glad to hear your Mam and Paul are doing well and hopefully both will be out soon. May Pauls calcium levels stabilise very soon.

Aren't dogs so special with the way they look at you so adoringly.

Lace hearts

It sounds positive news, with you Mam on the mend. Pretty is gorgeous, isn't she. I hope Paul makes a speedy recovery.


It's so nice that Paul and your Mum are spending time together, bet they'll heal all the more quickly for it. Your dogs are sooo cute.
Twiggy x


Oh how I have learned that the simple things one can do mean sooo much! Your Paul and your Mam are in my thought sand prayers. I'm giving you all a cyber-hug from me and Mr. B and Lulu & Braxton want to tell your pups not to worry - their Dad will be home soon, loving them and in the meantime, they are to keep you safe and cozy..straight from their lips to your heart :-)

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Pam, the tides are turning for you and your family……I just know it! From the look on those cute furry faces, you’re not the only one whose looking forward to Paul’s homecoming. My Lady can’t cope when one of us is away.....she follows the remaining person around with that “pound puppy” look on her face, and wants to sit on your lap all day. The photo of Pretty looking up adoringly at Paul is so sweet.

My very best wishes to your mother, as well. I hope both she and Paul will be able to leave the hospital soon.


sweet cottage dreams

Thank you for the update! Poor Pretty....looking all cute and missing her dad!

Sending prayers and get well wishes to your Mam (who looks wonderful!!) and Paul.

((hugs)) over the sea,


Thanks for the update. I really hope your hubby is home soon.
all the best



My Chyna wants Pretty to know that she too has her special person in her life and she too mopes until I come home. Leaving her for a vacation is always bittersweet because she will go off her feed, try to run around and will mope all day and night until we return. She said to tell Pretty to hang in there the peoples always come back eventually, make real sad and they'll even lavish you with lovin' and extra treats. ;)

As for the dancing the night away, hey lady you need to unwind yourself. You can't care for others when you are a rag rug in the hallway. Don't feel bad!!!! And congrats on the delivery of a ???? LOL.

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Voila, I can now use 2007 as if it was 2002,

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