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July 31, 2009


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angie lee

WELCOME HOME PAUL , I am delighted for you and Pam keep well ,wipe yer nose and mind the buses !!!!!!! All my love Angie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I absolutely DO see a resemblance between Paul and Mr. B....I've met Randy, so now I need to meet Paul. They are both delightful guys, in my opinion!

Love the picture of the two of you celebrating Paul's homecoming...what a great-looking couple!

I like your 'silver fox' hair...but, I like pink, also...whatever you think is best.


So glad to hear Paul is home for the weekend and hopefully he'll be able to stay home - good luck for those tests on Tuesday!

It looks like you had a lovely evening out.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Your hair is looking really 'chic'


That is GREAT news, hope he can come home for good next week. I love the piccy of Paul and the girls, so cute. They do look alike don't they!!! Nice silver fox look lady.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Twiggy x

Angel Mc

Sooo glad Paul is home, and yawl look great. You are quite a good looking couple.
I love the silver hair.
And the puppy-girls are adorable.


Hi Pam, I have been following your blog for a while now, and I love it. So glad that Paul is home now. I adore your dogs....they are gorgeous.
Margaret in New Zealand


wOw! I knew the resemblance was there but now , well, they may have been separated at birth!

Your hair is looking GREAT! Yep, silver is the new gray and it looks wonderful -
yet another thing the Mr's have in common- the love of animals and the love they receive back from them.

I, too, am tending neighbors pets - chicken & fish..the chickens int eh yard and one fish in a bowl.

Have a great day and hive Mr P a big 'ol hug..

janet cuddy

Please may I talk to you about your sewing machine you rescued? I just found what looked like my mother's Singer; i bought it on that sentiment (which I NEVER do) from the local Little Theater but my friend who is of Scots/Irish descent saw the beautiful Celtic design on the plate at the front of the machine.... I see a plate on the front of yours, does it have a design? Mine is model #AQ777399 and I can't find any info about it. It was beautiful before he saw it, but now even more so. thanks. [email protected]


Great to see your hubby home for the weekend.

Hmmm, grey hairs... I just had blonde highlights in mine as I thought it would hide the silver worry threads that have appeared recently.


Pam, i am overjoyed that your paul is home!...cheers!...(and yes, the resemblance between those two is uncanny...maybe we are all related over there? ha)..

even though it is sunny in southern california, looking at your pictures makes me want to be there to give you a big hug, play with the doggies and sit for a spell with you!...LOVE the hair...want to do that in future as i'm tired of the dying every other month as well..

love to you across the atlantic...the greeneyed irish gal from thousand oaks, california


Hi P, so glad to hear that Paul is home and good luck today with the levels. I love your new hair, and those two puppies are so cute. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Hugs to you both, Margie.


It was nice to see a pic of Paul and to hear that he
is home.... i will be praying for good test results to
come back. Wow! Paul and Mr. B do look a lot alike!
Maybe they were separated at birth. :) LOL!

Your hair is so fab! Your grey is a beautiful color and
looks great on you. I can't wait to see it when it
has fully come in. I bet it will be so lovely!


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