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July 01, 2009


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It's great to see Paul looking so well.
Your garden is looking lovely too.


I love your cushions - they are really beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear Paul has to have more surgery and radiation therapy. He is looking well at the moment so I pray he continues to remain strong and that further treatment is successful.

My Dad is about to start radiotherapy as well, for prostate cancer that has returned. He had surgery three years ago and we thought it was successful, but it appears not.


Paul looks really fine...I'm sure it has something to do with the great care you are providing!

Your pillows are lovely; your ambition for new projects amazes me.

Take care.


Oops, forgot to mention how very lovely your cottage garden and your 'helpers' are!


What a nice garden!
Especially,I love the bench:D
I wish I could have a cup of tea there!

All the happiness to Flynns!


Oh my! Those pillows and the purse are fantastic! Love them all - Paul looks amazing! Even if he had not gone through so much, so because he has, it's really amazing how good he looks. Must remind hm, he needs to look more pitiful so you'll take even BETTER care of himself..(if that's at all possible! :-)

Take care and give Paul a bug froggy hug form Utah!

And rub the pup's ears for me too!

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

You and your helpers have done your garden proud! It's lovely, with it's patch of beautiful blue for-get-me-nots. I grow a variety of mountain phlox with the same blue colored bloom and yellow eye.

Paul looks great. How do manage to take such good care of him and still complete so many projects? You are amazing.

Love that bag pattern and your pillows are stunning.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Wow you have been busy. It's lovely to see Paul looking so good. Your garden looks so pretty.
Twiggy x

Margie Wouters

Your projects are fantastic, I especially like the log cabin stripes in your cushions. Looks like you have your new projects all planned perfectly. The little forget me knots a treasure in the garden. Paul looks great. Kind regards to you both. Hugs Margie.


Lucky you having a nice garden and nice polite dogs that don't rampage round it!

Your husband is looking well after his op. Hope the next one is soon over and all behind him.

Take care


Paul looks amazing, as suggested before I send the more pitiful look or you'll have him out pulling weeds here soon. :)

That bag you are working on will be so pretty! What color are you making the flowers? Can't wait to see the Celtic knot pillow and other embroidery items you have in the works.

Keep healthy and have a great vacation.

Angel Mc

found your blog through...been through so many the morning,now i can't remember, but i really enjoyed it. come by and visit my blog sometime. will send up little prayers for you and you husband.

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