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July 22, 2009


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Mel (Shabby Chick)

Feel free to steal away!

Love your finds, especially the pink knitting needles :)

Mel xxx


Mammy Flynn, What lovely sons you have!!!
Darn if my daughter is too young! LOL! I will
marry her off to a good Irish boy yet!!

Great pics of the doggies :) and I would love to hear
how the sweater comes along.



Whoa! What a fine lot of Irish boys! I have a BEAUTIFUL 19 year old granddaughter!?! Maybe???

The men are gorgeous and you are pretty as ever. Hubby looks like he could have been in a 70's Rock&Roll band :-)

Sorry I haven't caught up with your past few blogs, but I am reading from newest to oldest now-hehee..
Have a wonderful, safe and Froggy-good week-end!
Love and healing to Paul :-)


Oh I forgot to mention the wonderful artwork! You know, with "models" like your fur-babies, it's bound to be wonderful. She is very talented and the card for Paul is spectacular.

Love your Pups and my heart flutters for Tiny :-(


I've just spent a good time catching up on your wonderful blog. There is just too much beauty to comment on! I'm so thankful your love is on the mend, beautiful projects, I'm in love with your cottage, cute puppies, an amazing pub, wonderful vintage finds, and of course all of your boys are so handsome!! xoxo


I have just spent a wonderful time reading some of your lovely blog and having wonderful memories bought to the fore....looking at the old black and white photos of Ireland was so much like looking at some my mum had and the cottage having its roof thatched was very like the one I used to stay at with my family when we visited what I remember as ancient relatives lol...my mum and her 11 siblings were from the west of Ireland and my MIL was from Gort ahhhhh the memories....thank you so much:)
Oh and I have a gorgeous 25yr old daughter who would just love to marry an Irishman lol...she just loves the accent, jeeeez she'll kill me.
I so want to send you and your lovely family my prayers and positive thoughts and God willing your precious man Paul will be home where he belongs back to his loving family very soon....
Will be back soon to read more I got as far as Riverdance and I too am now knackered lol xxxxx
Btw thank you for your generous comments on my blog I really appreciate them xxx


and theres more...............
I forgot, which is not unusual these days, to mention how much I loved the artwork by your friend, it really is lovely she is extremely talented, and your dogs look delightful and something we have in common other than having 3 gorge children is that we too have been married 30yrs last week.

right I've rambled on far too long xxxx


hello pam,

(love to mom and paul and hoping they are right as rain as soon as possible!)...

my beautiful 23 year old daughter is still single!...i will get her back to ireland and marry a nice irish lad as soon as i can! and with a name like "erin kathleen", she can not go wrong with either of your single beautiful sons!...we will work on it, yes?!

hang in there...sending you southern california sunshine, mimi

sweet cottage dreams

Your boys are so cute! The belly photo reminds me one that our Jordan took with his good buddy whilst in England. Boys are meant to make mom's laugh!!!

Great photos of all of the furry clan! Is Freddie Fiona's look alike?


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Voila, I can now use 2007 as if it was 2002,

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