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May 15, 2009


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LOL, I go through stages like that then decide I just can't stand it anymore and going and get it coloured again! Go for it girl and swish that wonderful hair around!


I've missed so many post ....so much catching up. It such good news Paul is doing well and recovery from his recent sugery...
I love grey hair I think it is so striking....enjoy the new look...hugs, Linda


OK, I wanna see pictures of your lovely Grey hair! You'd be gorgeous balk - but let's not try that one, OK?

Paul looks amazing! We are soo relieved and proud of him ( and you!) We know it's so hard not only to be the patient, but also the care-giver-loved-one because you're in it but not "in it" if you know what I mean- and we all do love to have control, don't we?

The Angels and the frogs (Fully Rely On God) are singing (and croaking) out his name.."Go Paul..Go Paul.."


Catching up as well. Good to see the op went well and your dh will soon be home.
all the best


Oh, I'm so glad Paul is doing well...he looks fantastic for all he's been through. I'm gonna see if I can find him on Facebook and invite him to be friends...we DO share a birthday, ya know. Take care of you, too!


Hi Pam:
So glad for you and Paul. He looks great!

I also wanted to let you know I started a flickr group for striped pottery, Cornishware and Carrigaline type in colours other than blue, I thought you may wish to add some photos if you have any. Here is the link:


Wishing you both all the best,


Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Hi Pam,
I made the decision to stop coloring a few years ago......and I have no regets. It is, what it is.

Paul looks wonderful. He'll have a nice scar to tell his grandchildren about. You know, the one where Paul was captured by pirates.....and during the swashbuckling sword fight that ensued.....Arrrgh, the scurvy knave caught him with the tip of his sword, just before Paul finished him off. Yeah, that one!

A very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both.

Best Wishes,


Happy Anniversary xxxx
Really glad Paul is doing well, he looks very well in the photo.


A big Happy Anniversary to the best couple ever!
It is very good to see that Paul is doing so well.

Grey hair is beautiful. I bet it looks very good on you.....
Emmylou is beautiful in her grey hair, but you are too
both inside and out!



So glad Paul is doing so well Pam.
I want to go grey too.. but am a bit scared..suppose I can always go back..lol. Mine actually isn't grey...its that Irish white.. hmmmm... maybe I will brave it. Marilyn xoxo


Glad Paul is doing well, scars make you more interesting. I've got a beauty on my arm!! Happy Anniversary to you both and as for the hair, you silver fox, you.
twiggy x


What color is Irish White? My grandma had premature white hair from high school on but always colored it black (my grandpa is a proud cock and didn't want anyone to think he was with an old lady. Yes he's a twit). Of course this has passed on to me in a smaller dose and tell ya what random white with Norwegian brown is not that cool. ;)

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