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April 03, 2009


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Lace hearts

That looks so lovely - wish it was near me! Lucky you.
Happy birthday. Have a very lovely weekend. x

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Stitch looks like a wonderful place to while away a bit of your special day. Their tea cosies are so clever. Love the pink yarn, and pink pearly knitting needles....fabulous purchases. Hope your birthday is a happy one.



Happy Birthday Pam! What a neat shop and I love all your goodies.....I'd say your special day was most happy...hugs, Linda


What a fun day! And buying knitting supplies or should I say more fun?
Looks like you had a great time!
Marilyn in NM

Kimme & Patrick

A big Happy Birthday to you!!!

Really looks like you had a wonderful day and what a
Neat shop! I loved your stash of goodies on the counter... looks
like you will be busy for awhile :) Oh, and those tea
cozies are fab! Love the little lady bug one.

What a sweet gift from your hubby... I bet you can fly!

Have the best day ever!!

love, Kimme


Hope you had a lovely birthday. What a fantastic shop. Your birthday goodies look lovely.
Twiggy x


Wishing you all the best on your special day! And what a day!



Happy Birthday to you....what a fantastic shop, my mum would love it.

Margie Wouters

Happy Birthday. I found your blog while visiting Lace hearts and so glad I found it on your birthday. Please visit my blog, I am pleased to find a fellow Irish blogger. I love your purchases and will have to visit the shop next time I am in Dublin. Margie.


Well happy birthday to you clear over the sea in the land of luck and wishes (and all things green)!...sorry i'm a day late in sending you sunny california birthday wishes...but it sounds as if it was a lovely day for you and i'm wishing you all the best for the rest the year...your blog (and you) are so much fun!...love, your faithful customer whose veins run with irish blood, mimi brooks


Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I missed it, Love all the goodies you got with your birthday money, what a sweet little shop! Those tea cosies are sooooo cute! I have just started to learn how to knit, and am loving anything woolly at the moment, lol

Priscilla x

Margie Wouters

Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment. I am so pleased you offered me your award, I will gladly accept it and show it off proudly on my next post.The new gifts sound fantastic as does the story of the trip to Aran. hugs Margie.


I missed the first part of this post...I can't even imagine how much you laughed...I laughed so hard just reading about your adventure!

Happy belated...love the little puppy!


I love the update and the story, how funny. It sounds like an episode from Father Ted.

Aishling O'Neill Photography

Happy Birthday!!! :D Sorry I'm a bit late!!!
And Val is right its like an episode of Father Ted!!! Haha!!!

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Belated Buddy! Hope you enjoyed your day.

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