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March 13, 2009


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What a wonderful photo! And your shamrock is adorable! I used to crochet cookies and make them magnets for the fridge..you're so great learning and growing..you'll never grow old :-)


Neat shamrock! And perfect for Saint Patrick's day :)
Cute little cookies too!

I loved the story about your granny. What a wonderful
and kind hearted lady she must have been..... must run
in the family :)


your shamrock looks great,
Josie x
ps) I've changed the etsy settings to ship to Ireland - thanks again


Nice works !!
Shamrock is must on St.Patrick`s Day :-)

Lace hearts

Crochet is such a wonderful thing, and it looks like you've taken off fast - lovely biscuits!
Thanks so much - the pattern dropped onto the mat this morning, and I can't tell you how excited I am. Just got a small matter of a patchwork quilt to finish off, then I shall be tackling a wonderful duck. I love it. Thank you for your kindness in sending it.


Well, you are just 'craftier' than ever. Cute little shamrock; adorable little cookies. I had no idea you could crochet cookies! Well done!


Oh they are brilliant, well done.


Those cookies are so cute!
Cheers Linda


What a lovely story and photo of your granny. So sweet of you never to tell her the skirt was a mini too.
I had a granny with a heart of gold too but sadly she died just before I was born.

You've done well making a shamrock - no stopping you now :-)


Oh I'm so glad that you found me! I am very much enjoying your blog as well! Sounds like we have quite a it in common! Hope you don't mind that I read your blog with a lil' Irish accent (not that I do it justice at all), but I SO love an irish accent! Well, I will visit more...nice to meet you!

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