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March 16, 2009


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Oh, my; you are having some fun now! The dancing Irish teddies were adorable. I loved the Irish tapdancing...the sound and the beat really get me going. Always said I wanted to learn to tap dance; but, I don't want to be in a class with little 10-year-olds and that seems to be the option here. Oh, well....someday!

I'm certainly interested in both giveaways...however, I'm only entering the first one. I'm pretty sure I won't be travelling to Ireland in the next year; probably not in the next decade..haha. Staying at your cottage would be the bee's knees; but, I can't leave our little fur babies for that long. So, I'll just have to cross my fingers for the sachet, heart, pillow, and your very-own-grown shamrock!! Good luck to me, eh?


Níl a bhuiochas ort !
I`m really happy that you like them :-D
Please take Hello Kitty to the parade! haha!

And yes, I`m getting ready to start a parade here! hehe :-)

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Ok, is this a dream or are you really offering your enchanting White O'Morn cottage for a week to the lucky winner of your give away? If your answer is "yes, I'm making that offer" then "for the love of all that's holy" sign me up. I'm only the biggest Quiet Man fan on the planet, right behind you...of course. How lovely of you to make this very generous offer! By the way, I enjoyed the You Tube clips....I'm forwarding the step dancing teddies to my granddaughter, Molly Shannon, who loves Irish dancing. Our dear Molly was adopted from china. On the first day of school, each year, there is always a moment of confusion when her new teacher calls the roll...of course a teacher would assume that a child named Molly Shannon would have red hair and a fair complexion...so it's always a surprise when our raven haired, almond eyed beauty stands. Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Nashville Flynns


what a lovely post, all those goodies and a great giveaway as well! - please enter me in the first one. It is also my Mum's birthday today
Josie x


Well hi... I follow your blog and I would love to be entered in your first giveaway.. now, given my ancestry..I would love to be entered in the 2nd one two, but cant see myself gettin there. So, I will just have to settle for the first one. :) Marilyn

Charlotte Spears

What a wonderful give-away. I visit your blog from time to time and have it listed on my side bar as a favorite. I knew I just had to stop by this morning. Please enter me in the give aways. If, by some divine intervention, I win the cottage stay, I will be there by all that is Holy-one way or another. I would, however, be just as excited to win the wonderful goodies you have in your first list. Enjoy your day!!!
Charlotte in WV


I had posted a comment here earlier today, but I don't see that it was posted. So I'm in a panic now, I would love to be entered in both of your contests and I am sitting here crossing my fingers that I win the week's stay! WOW! WHAT AN AMAZING GIVE-A-WAY!!!! I am a HUGE Quiet man fan- Hubby and I have plans to watch it tonight- * my dvd is getting worn out! Love your little cottage! :-) Happy St. Pattys!


A big hug and a Happy Saint Patrick's day to you!

Thank you for your friendship this last year. It has meant
so much.... Can you believe it has been a year!

~ kimme


Utah-Irish hugs to you and yours - this is a fine day to be Irish - as is any day!! But this day, even more than ever. One day, I WILL get to Ireland, and we'll need to have a cuppa tea (Or something stronger) - have a wonderful wonderful day!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! I love this holiday, and thought that a visit to your blog was a MUST for today! And what a wonderful post. How amazing it must be to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!! And please sign me up for your fabulous giveaway. I'm afraid I can't enter to stay in your cottage though...which makes me so sad. That would be such an amazing trip! x


Are you for real? I would love a weeks stay at the White O'Morn cottage! Who knows if I win maybe I will bring my friend Wilson from Iowa! That would be a blast! I would love to live abroad! You must be living a dream!


Hi there
Just found you via Josie, what a fab blog and super generous giveaway!!! I'd love to be included in both please. WE LOVE Ireland and usually stay in Cork or Galway, haven't been over since 2007, but Twiglet loved it too, the beaches, the coutryside, the peole, the castles ,etc, etc,etc.
Twiggy x


I just wanted to say that I have completely enjoyed your blog. The pictures and comments are great. Looking forward to your next post. Looks like you've done a good job with the cottage and getting pretty handy with the crafts. I loved the pictures of the line dancing outing and your friends look like their a blast to be with. My dream has always been to own my own cottage in Ireland someday as well. I've never had the chance to actually stay in one, but I just keep reminding myself someday. Ireland's always in my heart, I was just born on the wrong continent. Please include me in both drawings and good luck to everyone else.

Connie Lenden

The cottage sounds lovely but right now, so far away.
I do love hearts, though. I would buy one from you if you sell them. We can give Kimme the money for her house in Ireland.
You are certainly most generous and I hope you find some nice visitors for your room.

Connie Lenden

Hi Pam, I clicked on vintage and went through twice. I am not the swiftest person on the internet as you have noticed. I just would love to find that red heart and send you the cost for our project.
Would you mind giving me some more directions, or just give me the price and I will contact pay pal.
Gotta get moving here..... we have a project !
Just love your blog !

Holly Forrest

Hello Pam!

Kimme's site sent me over to you. I'm so glad to find yet another great Ireland-focused blog. Yours is a real keeper.

We spent a wonderful year in '05-'06 on sabbatical in Murrisk, County Mayo and - may it please God - hope to return in the next academic year or so. It would be great fun to stay in White O'Morn for a week, so please enter me in your drawing.

Bithidh sonas an lorg na caitheamh!


I would love to be included in your draw for the week in your beautiful cottage. I visit Ireland at least once a year, but have never visited Leitrim. It would be great to see a new area of Ireland.
I love to visit your blog.
Here's hoping!


Thanks so much once again for your kind comment. I really do appreciate it.
I hope everything goes well for your sister's son next week, Jono wishes him good luck, we will be thinking of him.

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