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February 12, 2009


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What a precious painting! That's about the cutest little duck I've seen!


a lovely picture and some great snow photo's as well,your cottage looks just like a picture postcard!
Josie x

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

I love the beautiful spring/winter photos. Our weather pattern has been very unpredictable, as well. My favorite photo is the one of the roaring fire and pot of tea. Honestly, I could almost smell those lovely scones, which I just happen to be addicted to.
Have a cozy weekend,


The painting by Meghan reminds me of my favorite
childhood book "The ugly duckling" (not that I think
her duckling pic is ugly:). Meghan did such a wonderful
job that I would love to have it!

Also, Love the pics of snow....I didn't think it snowed
much in that area. LOL! I guess I was wrong!

The fire looks so cozy... Is the tea and scones for me? :)

Big hug to you ~kimme

The Vintage Kitten

Hi Kimme, The photos are lovely, what a beautiful place. I agree tea and scones by a roaring fire would be the perfect end to the day. Have a lovely Valentines Day X


The photos look idyllic! The duckling painting is adorable - what a pity you couldn't buy it


I just love animal painting! This one is no exception! You know, I may be a bit daft (!?)but I didn't realized it snowed so much in Ireland! It is beautiful and the photo of the bridge is lovely - thanks for my continuing education of your beautiful country:-)

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