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February 28, 2009


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That's the best Irish cow I have ever seen! Yes, it does appear spring has arrived in Ireland :-) the photos are lovely. I can almost fee the soft wool of the "thingy" you're knitting.

Have a great tomorrow :-)


What a cool cow!
Nice art and beautiful flowers :-)


Oh What a lovely area to walk in, I do enjoy seeing the first signs of spring flowers, there is a local church yard and it is covered right now in crocus, very pretty. I have also added to to my fav places to visit and thank you for your lovely comments on my cake decorating, I will check out the cake link you mentioned...

have a wonderful week
Priscilla x


lovely spring photo's. I like the sewing scissors.
There is a surprise for you over on my blog
Josie x


Very pretty walk and your knitting looks great..... so creative!

As for the cow.... are you sure those are udders? could
be hemorrhoids or who know what! LOL!


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