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February 16, 2009


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Love the card ,how are you keeping ? havent seen you since the party,are you away this weekend ? bye for now .Angie xxx


Oh, Pam, what a really sweet post! You are so very welcome! I'm just thrilled we have become 'blog buddies'. And, I'll be checking out Liz's ebook...thank you for alerting us.


Isn't Betty amazing! I loved meeting her in real life - and she is just as sweet as she is in her blog! It's god to see you back in blogland! And because of your links, I went to Liz's blog and downloaded the book too. What a wonderful gift to all. Have a great week and give Sis a hug from me :-)


Love, love, love the picture of John Wayne! He is the best!
That was so nice of Betty to send it to you.... You lucky girl!!



Hi Pam,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Im off to have a wander around yours!

Sweet Repose

You crack me up...between the kitten purring and the sound of rowing...just about fell asleep...sucks to get old. Have to admit I played with it for awhile, won't tell ya how long though.

And yes, I love to hear the dog tales, if I brought another dog home, Scratchy would disown me, not to mention disembowel the poor creature...well maybe not that bad...but we would suffer, lemme tell ya!

I love that kitten!!! Ha! Can't stop playing with it...I need a life...


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