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January 18, 2009


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chas at the wild raspberry

i love the mix of all the dishes...especially the pinkish creamer.
it is all so pretty.


love your dresser,any sign of the blue and white butter dish ???

Kay Flynn-The Wrought Iron Gate

Oh Pam...What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing the fruits of your research with all of us who love "The Quiet Man." Your cottage is lovely and so are your dressers. Envy-Envy-Envy, and green not my best color.



Thank you!
I love English^^ and also,I like Gaelic:-)


What a great post. Very informative and loved all the pictures. What a shame that the old cottage isn't rebuilt and so strange that the owner won't allow rebuilding.

I love your cottage Pam with its half green door, you've decorated so in keeping with its original character and done a wonderful job. Keep posting those pictures!

andrea ancienne boulangerie

Great post I hope the white o morn cottage does get restored.
Your willow pattern is lovely


I am really enjoying your pictures from "The Quiet Man"
especially after watching the movie.
You cottage indeed reminded me of White O'Morn.
Even Patrick caught a few things himself.
He remarked on the bonnet on your fence. :)

The photo of your open green door brought back floods
of wonderful memories we had while staying at your cottage.
Such a pretty cottage :)



I absolutely love browsing your blog! WOM as it is today looks very much like the little cottage where my Da was born in Clare. Just a pile of stones now. Thanks for sharing the photos of your place as well - it's lovely. I will be interested to see more from you in days to come.



What a very nice post. Your cottage is just lovely. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures.


Ah you know I love it when you give us history, photos and a glimpse into your beautiful cottage! Have a good week-end and I must find a copy of The Quiet Man to watch again!


I love everything about The Quiet Man! I've watched the film so many times but I never tire of it. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful post. I love Mary Kate's dishes and how so very important they were to her. That's how I feel about my Desert Rose dishes from my Mother. Very special and on display!
Marilyn in NM


Hi Pam,
love the photo's of Ballinamore covered in snow. aSee you soon.


Elisa Michaels

"The Quiet Man" is of course one of the most romantic, visually absorbing pictures ever made. Your updated photos are wonderful, and provide a glimpse of how it looks today versus the look provided by the movie. It is sad that the cottage itself is nothing but a pile of rock, but the Irish have done more with only rock for centuries, and I suspect the cottage will rise again...at least, I'd like to think so! Thank you for preserving the memories so lovingly. Somehow, all the pictures lack is a flash of Maureen O'Hara's wonderful red hair, and a glimpse of her smile.


I wish I knew who owned the cottage I'm in America.I went to Ireland for the first time last year

Byron Preece

We recently visited the original cottage and they have now opened a small tourist information shop in a local village hall to help people find the cottage. We were lucky enough to have visited on the same day that the Great Great Grandaughter (I think I have the number of Greats correct) of the person who owned the cottage at the time of filming. She was apparently most upset that the house had been left to become nothing but a pile of rocks. The property is allegedly owned by a Canadian who has no interest in either the film or renovating the cottage to its former glories. Surely this would be an ideal project for lottery funding.

Such a great disappointment, but still a wonderful place to visit.

rob diskin

ok here it is in plain english,whoever bought this cottage was a total mug to allow an historic cottage to get into this state.i was there 28th aug 2011,it took all day to find it with locals giving false info,eventually i found it and was heartbroken to see a shambled wreck with just 2 end gables left crumbling and some bungalow built later left empty and smashed just 15 feet from white o morn.how on earth did they build a new building 15 feet away from white o morn and let the cottage vanish in shambles,then to top it off the new build is empty and becomeing derelict too,the only thing left as it was in the film is the small foot bridge big johns on in film with matchmaker, the river and three stepping stones, stop this wrong and make it wright its so disheartning to see it .i consider it one of the biggest wrongs in cinematic history,come on owner make it wright and become famous for saving it not for vanishing it please concerned fan wob bob x

john holmes

sad situation! Just amazing how the owner now hasn't kept his promise in restoring himself!Must be a feeble man now!Maybe someday somebody will release the property!PRAY!Then it can be restored.

June Parker Beck

I was in Ireland in 1999 and enjoyed visiting all TQM film sites. I have designed and edited the official Maureen O'Hara website "Maureen O'Hara Magazine" since 1994.

It is interesting to note that the church that was used in the film was actually a protestant church. They just put a holy water font out front to make it "Catholic."

Also - all interiors were filmed on a Hollywood sound stage but the beautiful Emerald Isle provided the panoramic exteriors. As Maureen says, "Ireland was really the star of that film."

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