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January 29, 2009


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I'm so sorry about your friend!

I love your presents. By the way, funny timing. I need your address, please. You have my email address if you could send it there. I hate to spoil surprises, but I can't surprise you if I don't have your address, now can I? I've been waiting for the postman to bring your (very small) present so I could send it on to you.

Take care and be happy for Christopher, since I assume he is in a far better place.

Love to you.


OH, I am so very sorry to read about Christopher.
Many blessings to all who knew and loved him.


sorry to hear about your friend. Your PIF goodies look great, the bracelet is especially lovely.
Josie x


Sorry to hear your news. There seems to be so much sorrow these days. But look! There is a bright side of the day. Hope today is better.


"The death of one man diminishes us all."
I'm sorry for the loss of such a young spirit. Like the song says, the good Lord calls us all home...

Sending hugs and heartfelt thoughts to you and all who knew and loved Christopher.


I`m truly sorry to hear the news.
May Christopher`s soul rest in peace....


I am so very sorry to hear about Christopher.....My prayers go out to his friends and family.


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