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November 04, 2008


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Oh, Jack is absolutely my favorite picture! I love the things you found on ebay, free site, etc.; but, Jack...what a love!

Kimme @ Irish Cottage Dreams

So much for not having anything to blog about! I
know what you mean though. My blog-ability is
low right now. I could blog about the election. LOL!!

Loved the pics. Especially loved the pics of the dog. I think
he may have been the dog that we had to drive slowly
past as he wouldn't get out from the front of the car :)
He's a cutie and I would have loved to take him home.



Nothing to talk about!! Why you had tons of interesting stuff to show us and best of all was the little cute apron. I'm sure I can remember wearing an apron like that when I was little and it belonged to my mum when she was young. I can remember the pockets being ever so handy....
Wonder where that apron went too....

You've got more interesting stuff to talk about than me. All I can think about is dust and rubbing down door frames at the moment.


lovely items, all interesting, especially the peg apron, I hope all the pegbags I've made over the years are still going strong!
Josie x
ps, I once bought a soap dish on ebay for 50p, I'll have to blog about it


OK, so I must be really tired - I kept looking at and re-reading the part about "Angie found this fabulous book and I have already made a hatpin cushion from it. "...I couldn't figure out how that was a "Hatpin"- it still looked like a book to me!

And yes, I LOVED the phots of Jack! An Irish dog- what could be better?
Great post..


I'm so glad you shared all your wonderful treasures with us. I'm so partial to the open-work plate and the teacup and saucer. Very beautiful.
What an awesome dog! I'm a real dog lover so any photos of dogs are a favorite of mine.

Great post!
Marilyn in New Mexico

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