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November 14, 2008


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I can hardly wait for the pictures! I think putting out your Christmas decorations for your cottage early is such a good idea...no last minute tossing on of the tinsel, eh?


Oh, I can't wait to see all the pics!
I am glad you liked the cups and saucers...


Glad you have your warm water! As I sit here with my cuppa tea wtih creamer - Hmm ..Love it!

Spoke with my brother yesterday - keep the prayers going, he's feeling pretty good! Has lost all his hair, but they may have a new "trial" drug to try - also, I'm soo proud - this old cowboy of a brother is doing...YOGA! hE SAID HE WAS IN SUCH PAIN HE'D TRY ANYTHING and he actually FEELS BETTER for it! Yeah! Thank you sooo mcuh for praying for his recovery and for him to have less pain!

Sweet Repose

Like the new do...looks really easy to maintain...me too, can't wait for the pictures!!!

Lace hearts

Your hair is very like mine - looks good. I share your hatred of going to the hairdressers! And now I have welly envy... I'm going to post a pic of my now just for you. Well, not now literally, as I'm still in bed enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, but soon! lol.


Your hair is very cute! Mine is shorter than yours so don't stress over short....lol.
I love the Wellies. I need a pair here for stomping through the forest to get wood and just for the fun of it. They are so pretty with roses all over them.
And the tea cups and saucers.....oh my! I'm having a Tea Party on Friday and boy do I need those cups and saucers.....lol. I'll be using my set of Franciscan Desert Rose since I don't have too many others right now. It's time to start collecting again.
Marilyn in New Mexico


Your bob looks lovely. I keep wondering if I should have one myself; it would reduce the time of drying my hair LOL.
Love those teacups and saucers Kimme sent you

BTW, I have given you and your sister an award for your blogs.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!! Looks fantastic! Have a great week!


I love the hair! That style on you is so cute! I'm like you though, it's been 7 months since I've had a haircut. I'm due.
Hey I could use a guiness too! Love that stuff!


Wow! All the pictures are great! The cottage
looks very homey and festive for the holidays :)
I had a good laugh when I saw the different
boots. Love the wellies....those would be my
choice for going up the hill.

I love your haircut. You looks so pretty.


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