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October 08, 2008


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Congratulations on having a bath! I love my bath but hate getting out and drying off. I wish I had a big hairdryer to stand under :-)

Love the candle jars, so pretty.


Ooh, your bath sounds delightful! I think the little creature in the flower looks like a wasp...glad you didn't disturb him. Nice candle holders for your garden. Just so much fun visiting your blog.


Ahhhhh...what a lovely site! Don't get all wrinkly...LOL

Irish cottage Dreams

Ohhh! That looks so wonderful!

Your bathroom is soo pretty and I
bet it was a nice haven for a relaxing
bath. :) Happy dances for you! (after
you've toweled off ofcoarse:)

Have you gotten to use the new
woodburner yet?



Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about the ya-ya? It's from a movie and book entitled "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood"...if you haven't read it or seen it, it's worth a look. Take care.

Lady Collum

Lovely post! Nice pedicure. Tee hee. :-)

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