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October 17, 2008


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The Vintage Kitten

Its all beautiful. What a transformation. The before picture of the bathroom took me right back where I never want to go again LOL! The rest of the house undone I could cope with but not the bathroom. I bet you enjoyed your first bath in your lovely newly renovated room. Everything about your home shouts out 'cosy and welcoming'. I would definately enjoy sitting in the rocking chair beside the fire. Thanks for sharing your photos, I really enjoyed looking at them. X


Fantastic renovation. How inviting your lovely cottage looks,

Sweet Repose

WOW...what a wonderful job you guys did, it is so homey and cozy, love the thick walls, what a dream home you have and a wonderful cast tub to cozy down in and enjoy a much needed rest from all your labors.

I love it...



I just love when you post pics of your
cottage! :)
You all have done such a wonderful job
on it. It is as cozy and filled with love in
person as it appears in photos. I wish you
many many joyful years in your splendid cottage.

with much love, kimme


Wow, have you invited the previous owner for a visit?? I can't believe someone lived there before. Your visions for the finished rooms must have been heaven-sent...the rooms are lovely! Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures.


I love your finishing touches as well as the bigger transformations. The sewing machine table in the corner of the lounge, the high mantle with the jug, books and candlesticks and the poster in the alcove.
The kitchen is just right, olde worlde yet clean and useable and so darn pretty!

What a huge transformation in such a short time...I should have had you round at ours as we've been here over two years and the place is still higgledy piggledy!


These are amazing pictures - not only for the beautiful transformation, but for thr foresight you had to have seen the "inner" beauty in such a forelorn "before"!! Great work - Mr. B was looking over my shoulder and kept saying "wow" and he loved the thick walls..


Oh well done what a wonderfully cosy home you have made.


the cottage looks brilliant! well done!
Josie x

Nita Jo

What an amazing cottage! You've done a beautiful job fixing it up into a dream home! The "after" is worth every second you put into it.

i love france

wow i love it all your hard work has paid off


wow you have just the perfect cottage- really, it belongs in a coffee table book! I love it!

Richard Taylor

Well done for restoring an old cottage. I am so sad to see what has become of so many of Irelands lovely old buildings, either neglected and abandoned or pulled down in favour of pink pebble dashed bungalows with rediculous metal gates and eagles either side!! It's beginning to happen in the UK too, how very sad. The only thing I'd like to see gone are the plastic windows, please find the money to put in lovely wooden cottage windows, then the picture will be complete. Plastic windows are the curse of historic buildings, they look totally out of keeping. Oh and Roses, try Rosa New Dawn or Blush Noisette, excellent repeat flowers on a small cottage wall!

מעקות אלומיניום

Beautiful cottage. I like all photos after cottage. It look like very simple and wonderful cottage. The bathroom is very stunning in after cottage photos. I like it.

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