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September 28, 2008


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Awwww. I know Braxie and Lulu get sooo tired on the week-ends- just can't NOT follow Mommy & Daddy around the house, out in the yard, back in the house, upstairs, downstaits. Whew! I get tired just writing about it! Darling photos!

Lace hearts

Oh how cute are they! I hope you had a fab weekend - so relieved when I read your comment. I haven't been able to update yet, cos can't upload piccies for some reason. Very frustrating!

Irish cottage Dreams

Awwwwww! Those have got to be
some of the sweetest faces!


I missed you this weekend...glad to know you were out having fun. Your pups are absolutely adorable!! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures of them.

Sweet Repose

Oh my...that Chewy...what a face, looks exactly like Scratchy's old bud Itchy, I miss her so much. What would we do without our little hairy comedians, life would be so dull...SHUT UP SCRATCHY!!!



Oh what pretty pup's you have. *Smile*
Not like my two Mizog westies Bill n Ben, Ben always looks like he has just been slapped, Billy is a sweetie though, such cute faces, Bill as we speak is trying to steal all the heat out of my body but how can i deprive such cuteness.
Your blog is a *Great read* Thank you. X x X


What cute puppies! I have a sort of cross between a lab and a dalmation. Babe is 13 years old and has goiters...whatever they are. She still has her 'cute' moments but they are ususally while sleeping. LOL! Have a great day!


My dogs wanted me to tell Chewie that there is no such thing as too soft for sleeping. The softer and cushy-er the better at my house. LOL


I love your little fur babies! I only have one little guy right now. He's a chiwheeni...half chihuahua and half dachshund. We really love him though.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You're a Quiet Man fan...SO AM I!!!! Probably my favorite movie of all times.
And green, what a glorious color!!!! I have a feeling we've got lots in common.

I'll definitely be back to visit!
Marilyn in New Mexico

Sweet Cottage Dreams

YOur doggies are so cute! I just love them and the story you told of them finding just the right place to take a snooze!

Happy Birthday - belated wishes - to your DH! I am a bit behind in visiting everyone - can you tell? Love how your heart pillow turned out! I am also enjoying the tour of the Irish countryside. Aye...someday I shall journey over to my ancestor's homeland!


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