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September 08, 2008


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Wow! You have been very busy!
Great repurposing...you go girl!!



Wow! How big was that tablecloth?? Love what you did with all the pieces - you gave new life to an old treasure!


What beautiful gloves. Sometimes I wish I had lived back in the day where the ladies dressed for everything. So pretty!

Sweet Repose

She truly is a beautiful bride, what a dress. Can't believe you made all that great stuff from that table cloth, such beautiful things and so many of them. I get a rash everytime I think about getting the machine out...hate to sew!!! I think it was because of my home ec. teacher in 6th grade. That was the year President Kennedy was shot, I was in that class when they announced it. She was never the same after that...turned into an ol' grouch, you couldn't do anything right.

Oh well, I have quite enough to do thank you very much...you can do the sewin'...HA



Howdy (:)
Maureen O'Hara... oh I love that wedding picture & your linens are just so pretty ~~glad you came by so I could come and meet you ..
hugs, Patty


You've been very busy making so many things out of a table cloth!

What a pretty wedding photo of Maureen O'Hara, love the lace on her dress. The gloves are beautiful too and your sister bought you great gifts.
My brother went to Ireland just to visit the place where The Quiet Man was shot. He loved the scenerey and had a good time.


Im just going now to have a look at your website
I dident know you had one those all look beautiful
andrea from i love france

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