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September 17, 2008


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Irish cottage Dreams

Yippee! I am a winner!!
Thank you so much :)
The award is very pretty and I look
forward to displaying it with pride!


Btw, you have the gift of Gab to sista!


Wooo hooo. :) Thank you ! I made the cut!!!


The ability to talk persuasively is not something I do, sadly. I usually get my way by charm or bullying..... LOL


I love love love Maurenn O'Hara! thanks for the thoughts - and you are too nice to all of us - we gab and sometimes is a booby-prize rather than a gift!

Sweet Repose

All I can say is..."can we talk"...HA...thanks girlfriend, I'll wear the badge with honor.

Did I ever mention how painfully shy I was all through school, not many people know that and are surprised by it...but it's true. That's the nice thing about blogging...no crowds of people and the older I get the more recluse I become.

Thanks sweety,

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Pamela!

You are just too sweet to pass on this wonderful award to me. Thank you, thank you!!! I really appreciate your act of kindess!! If I were in Ireland, I would take you to lunch!!! Maybe someday, eh?

Have a lovely evening - morning - whatever it is at the time you get this message.

Becky and Duhgall


Thank you! I shall put my new award on the mantle piece - quietness is not a trait of my family so you have hit the nail on the head!

Lace threads

Oh no, I just tried to respond and I wrote realms, and it's lost, and I have to start again...
hahahahaha, I'm so thrilled to have won this award. I'd just like to say... lol
Thank you, what a fab idea!
And I'm so pleased you're gonna make the cushion as well. It'll be great to see how we both get on - hopefully someone else will join in as well! I've got on a little today with it and it's easy peasy - you need to cut 12 4 inch squares, six plain and six patterned, for the hearts to sit on. I'll try and update tomorrow night.
Caroline x

Lace hearts

Haha - and I confused you there by posting under my old name, Lace threads. Gosh, I'm a complete twit. I'd be no good on the red carpet, so don't roll that out! Me, gift of the gab,,,nah. :-)


WOW thanks for that! I don't know about Gift of the Gab but I do admit that I have verbal diarrhoea at times when writing.

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