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September 20, 2008


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Lace hearts

Oh, that cartoon has made me laugh! Fab. I love the fact you've surged ahead, and I'm jealous already - yours will look prettier than mine, judging by your hearts. And so what if it's bigger, smaller, more squares, less squares... sewing should break the rules. I thought I couldn't sew for 20 years, till I discovered it was okay to do it my way!
Love the bits and pieces you have made. And thank you again for my award. Caroline x
ps. have updated tonight on my, cough cough, fast progress!


For a person who doesn't sew much, I think you do a fantastic job! You make the cutest things. I love your repurpose ideas!


What a fun thing to do - and your looks wonderful!
loved the cartoon - only with me, it's blogging at all hours!

The Vintage Kitten

I love the things you have made, so pretty! Mandy X


My husband was nicknamed "Shortcut" by one of his teachers many years ago!
Looks like you are doing a great job.


Hi, I've just come over from Lace's blog. The hearts are looking great, I like the satin stitch a lot less bother than hemming.

Lace hearts

Pam - you lucky thing, with the swatches from your sister. I tried to buy a booklet a while back from ebay, with really pretty swatches, but it went for a ridiculous sum. It's perfect for little bits of applique.
I don't know what Yvonne means, lol! I'll have to have a word. Satin stitch is a huge bother if you can't figure out how to use a sewing machine properly! ;-)


Browsing around this morning and read your blog about the applique hearts. Probably telling you what you already know, but did you apply the hearts to the squares using Bondaweb or the equivalent? Would make the satin stitching much easier.

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