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August 04, 2008


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Irish Cottage Dreams

I loved it!
It was the best movie ever!
I am so glad you introduced me to it.
Now i am a big fan too :)
Now that I have visited your cottage and seen the
movie I indeed see the resemblances of the two.
You go girl!



Well I didn't find you cos of the Quiet Man but of course I've seen it and it is one of those well loved films. There is another film that always reminds me of the Quiet Man... two walkers in Scotland who come across a village that only appears once in a few hundred years... now what was that one called?


love it love it love it!! Thanks for reminding us to re-watch it again!

Sweet Repose

I'm sure I've seen it, but will have to refresh...we are just hopeless romantics...aye...and you are so lucky to have the cottage of your dream and so is the mister.


Marcia aka Lady Collum

One of my ALL-TIME fav movies!! Ahhh, I just can't tell you how much I love it! Thanks for your post. It was great!


One of my husband's favorite movies - I think we own the DVD...if not, it's the Christmas present that I am still looking for....where are the movie stars of that caliber these days? We lost another one over the weekend, Paul Newman...and the up and coming ones are sadly, not up to the challenge of being stars...they are just celebrities.


Found you while researching for a painting....I so wanted to find a good photograph of the front of Sean's White O'Morn cottage, but sadly, there aren't any to be found, other than things that are already paintings.
This is my mother's favorite film, and the only thing she asked of her painter daughter for Christmas this year is a painting of that cottage.
But, I'm pleased to have found your site as an offshoot! Soooo painfully jealous of your lovely cottage. Here in San Francisco, cottages of that ilk are rare indeed.

Best to you.

kate Murphy

I found you by accident but have fallen in love with your cottage. I could most certainly live there forever and a day! I watch quiet man and eat corned beef and cabbage whenever I yearn to be in Ireland. I will now live in the land of Eire vicariously thru you and your blog !!


I read the above with great interest. My name is Linda Carroll but before getting married my name was Linda Joyce. My fathers parents owned 'White o Morn' at the time of filming. It is only now that I am older and my father has passed on that I have decided that it really is time I went looking for what remains of the cottage. I don't really know where to set out looking but we are staying at a small hotel in Cong so I'm sure someone will be able to direct us. If you can advise me on where to look I would be most grateful. I look forward to hearing from you. Our trip is on 15th June 2009. Many thanks in advance.

Elaine Crowley


Your site has been really interesting to look at so I just wanted to post a quick comment. I work for a Dublin based production company called Loopline FIlm and we are currently making a documentary about The Quiet Man. Some of the team will be doing a shoot in New York from June 19th to 24th so I was just wondering if you knew of any fans of The Quiet Man in New York that we may be able to contact? It would be great if you could get back to me on this and I'd really appreciate that.

Many thanks,
Elaine Crowley

Angie blight

I loved the film so much we went to cong and saw the replica little cottage, I was very dissaponted that it wasnt the original so we went to find the white o mourn, we found what was left of it, with the stream running in front of it, sadly as you say the owner has let it go to ruin. But I was glad to see it, and took photos of the real one. Angie

stephen mc cormack

my god it is totally discraceful of someone to have let this old house go into ruin..nobody seems to own the land so why wont the communit take it on themselves to restore it..it would be no problem funding it.it is a shame to see busloads of visitors passing everyday and they not knowing where or what it is comments please

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