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August 07, 2008


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Hi Pamela:

So happy I found you. I was looking for Carrigaline Pottery on a google search and you showed up. I actually thought your blog was called "whitemom" so I really didn't know what to expect.

Your scenery is absolutely heavenly. You are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I will drop by again and add you to bloglines if that is all right?

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


I love the gorse as well. I can remember growing up and wondering what that 'poppin noise' was. I looked all over before realising it was the seeds of the gorse bush popping open and dispersing their seeds.
Thanks for the pictures, I can almost smell the greenery!

white o'morn cottage

OH, Lisa, I rolled about laughing at your comment! my link is whitemorn...You thought it said whitemom and did not know what to expect? Maybe you were expecting a SAHR? ...Stay at Home Racist! Thanks for the best laugh of the week!...Pam

Sweet Repose

I was so enamored with the Emerald Isle as a romantic young woman, I sent for and Irish paperweight of 'Forty Shades of Green'. Still have it and still love it. Some day I hope to see your emerald shores and tour the castles of my fantasies.



This is a beautiful (and funny) post and comments! "Whitemom" hahaha! We have a community here called " White City " and I've always been embarrased by that name - I'm certain no bad thoughts were about when they named it but Oh My!! Imagine!
Thanks all of you for the scenery, AND the chuckle!!


I just love the pictures you take. I almost feel like i'm there taking a walk with you! Thanks so much.


Did someone say Ebay?
The towels are sooo lovely. What a great job she did.
Maybe one day when i have my dream cottage I can
have pretty little towels with the name of the cottage on it :)
Hmmm, I wonder what I will name this cottage? I guess I'll know when I see it.
Love the picture of your golden fields. You have the most gorgeous view ever. Patrick and I both were stunned by the beauty surrounding your cottage. You lucky girl!

Have fun week!


Sweet Cottage Dreams

Lovely photos! Ireland is the first dream destination of mine...where my ancestors came from.

I love your towels!!!!! How fabulous!


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