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July 10, 2008


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HEHE! That'll teach him to be late! The chalkboard looks fab.

Irish Cottage Dreams

Vera nice!! I have a chalkboard in the hall
that I bought at the store and I must say
that yours is much cooler than my store
bought one any day!! Tell hubby that
I am sorry to hear about his dinner. LOL

I will miss your posts....come back soon!


Oh well done! You are on a creative streak! Can't believe that the old frame you "found" turned into such a thing of beauty.

Sweet Repose

Fingers Flynn...too funny!!! Love the comment to hubby, what are we without a sense of humor anyway...very, very dull!!! Have a great couple o weeks...



love it! I just love chalkboards anyway - but with YOUR touch - perfection!!


Thanks for checking out my posts. I am so new to this, I still get confused at times. Love the note about hubby's dinner being in the dog...that's actually happened here.

I'll certainly be back to see you.


Hi Hun,
I am back to inform you that over at my site you have been given an AWARD!
Hope you like it?


Fabulous! I love it. I used to be crafty. Then I had kids. I'll get "my craft back on" one of these days right Pam? Promise???


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